01. Juni 2020
Wenn euch in den Ferien ein Hai über den Weg schwimmt, dann ist das Allerwichtigste, dass ihr ihn ganz schnell zeichnet - und dann schickt ihn an: info@ninialaska.de Die Chancen stehen bestens, dass er in die Haigalerie 2020 mit aufgenommen wird! Ich wünsche euch viel Spaß mit dem Buch in euren Haiferien! 🐋🦈🌊🚣🏻‍♂️

20. Januar 2020
Haiferien Nini AlaskaFadenheftung, durchgehend 4-farbig48 SeitenFormat 25 x 23 cm15,00 €ISBN 978-3-86429-459-4Erscheinungsdatum: Januar 2020ab 4 JahreN

16. September 2019
.....my second book will appear! I finished work with it now, and I just get happier with all these waiting stories every single day!

16. September 2019
which honour to be the DJane for this celebration! Good luck and books for the next 30 years, dear Literaturhaus Hamburg!

12. September 2019
It´s been a wonderful afternoon at Kinderbuchhaus / Altonaer Museum! Thank you all for listening, preparing, buying books and making this day so lovely! Here are some impressions.

04. April 2019
Happy happy me, because of the birth of ‚Hollie & Fux‘! Happy also because of my fantastic publishing Agency TULIPAN (Munich - Berlin)! Now the time‘s creeping like a snail until 19th july - the day the book will appear and be available!

04. April 2019
I‘m back, fullfilled and -packed with books & pictures & colours & memories & italian eastereggs. This was my very first fair as an author with a finished book and a clear vision for the next 50 years, assuming I will have them. Making a lot of books all the time. Would be wonderful to do!

06. März 2019
Where does the time go? I have to explore that. It‘s march! And i‘m so quiet because I‘m working. The book is finished in the middle of march. So exciting to develop every big site, every colour, every word! I‘m looking forward to it all and next to the Bologna childrensbookfair!

12. November 2018
it's that I'm deeply into work. Now My Projects gonna be real books, now the real path of the books start, I'm so excited! And I'm so looking forward to next year. Let you know soon more. Have a beautiful, foggy, inspirating november with a lot of Leaves, Glühwein and books! It's my Birth month, so I just feel comfortable and surely I'll celebrate it! yours Nini alaska

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