Pimbumum 2020


Hollie & Fux 2019

BolognaChildrensBookfair 2019

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Folktaleweek 2018



It's folktaleweek! Every day in the next week's got its one magic theme.

Today it's 'Forest'.



Bookfair Frankfurt 2018

Me, I‘m not travelling to Korea, but to the great bookfair in frankfurt. my timeline for friday is huge
 It‘s so exciting what will happen with my books and illustrating stuff. I‘m very upset now but looking cool ;)
Upcoming stuff
  You see, I‘m busy for a while.

Bologna Children's Book Fair 2017/2018 - Review



Bologna in spring is so beautiful! (Besides, there‘s the best chocolate I know in this city, indispensable for good illustration).

I enjoyed the fair. But if you have a stepz-app on your phone counting footsteps, activate it ;). 



Bologna 2017. First trip to the biggest childrensbookfair!