2018, January.

Since my early childhood drawing and illustration is my little island. Here I go when it's cold and nasty outside (99% hamburg), when ideas cross my mind, when I've seen something interesting, when I'm waiting for something, when I'm mad about things or just when life is pretty good to me.


I especially love little ghosts, cranes, ships and everything in and on the water or in the forest.


I'm working at school as a teacher, but I'm also a (litterary) DJane and I play various instruments, writing songs with it.


Wether see me drawing or reading or writing stories or singing or - sometimes in a big bubble - never doing nothing.


Find me represented by Agentur Susanne Koppe, Hamburg-Wien. www.auserlesen-ausgezeichnet.de.


write me! I'll answer.

Nini Alaska lives and works in Hamburg.